In Kenya, we support the Masai population living south of Nairobi. More on the lives and culture of the Masai here.


Giorgio and a Masai express their joy about having found water deep down at 170m.

Water is the basis for the existence and livelihood of the Masai population. After a terrible drought during the years 2010 and 2011, the counsel of the elders of Olpirikata suggested launching the well project. This project assured the long-term existence of 1,400 people, who, thanks to the well, can continue to live in their tribal area and do not have to move to the slums of Nairobi.


More information on the well project here.


MaaNursery - Sicherer Aufenthaltsort für 220 Kinder.

MaaNursery – Safe whereabouts for 220 children.

Children are considered a ressource for the community and they occupy a very low place on the hierarchical level. They have to take care of the goat herds and the cattle and also have to fetch water. The availability of public education is consequently very important for the development of the community and for the recognition of children’s fundamental rights to play and to learn.


More information on the Maa-Nursery project here.


Frauenkooperative im MMAC - Streben nach wirtschaftlicher Unabhängigkeit

Women’s Cooperative in the MMAC – Striving for economic independence.

The project was initiated by local women who wanted to do something against female genital mutilation (FGM). The result is a multi-purpose center which hosts a women’s cooperative for the production of traditional Masai jewelry and a medical dispensary. Both institutions have been acknowledged by the Kenyan government.


More information on the MMAC here.

Smart Nurseries

Kinder im Smart Nursery

Children in the Smart Nursery.

The project idea was to provide children with a safe place to go to where they could be prepared to enter school. Consequently, in 2016, Smart Nurseries were built in 6 Masai communities and provide 800 children with the possibility for a better future.




More information on the Smart Nurseries here.